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The other night, my friend told me that she wanted to take her husband to Paris or London, but that it was just too expensive to fly there.  She is not alone in thinking this. Many Americans think that travelling to Europe is too expensive.  Even though many European countries offer accommodation for cheap, the flight alone might cost your entire budget.  That doesn’t have to be the case.

Most Americans are well aware of budget airlines like Southwest, Spirit Air, and jetBlue, but these operate mostly in North America.  Most Europeans are aware of budget airlines like easyJet and Ryanair, which operate in mostly in Europe.  What many people on both continents are unaware of, are budget airlines between the two.  I’ve had the fortune of flying a couple of them.

Norwegian Air – This was one of the first budget airlines to offer transatlantic flights.  They offer a la carte offerings (you pay extra to pick your seat, for a meal, and to check your luggage – and doing so online in advance can save you a ton on!)  I flew one way from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Amsterdam in August for about $480 (including the meal and 1 checked bag!)  Not bad.  The meals might not be worth the money, you could probably pick up something in the airport for cheaper and it will taste better.  Their planes are mostly brand new “Dreamliners” which give you plenty of headroom and natural lighting to minimize jet lag.  The seat backs are thinner, which allows for more leg room without being too uncomfortable.  And, bonus, they offer free Wi-Fi on all of their inter-European flights!  Don’t be fooled either, their main hub is actually Copenhagen, Denmark, not Norway.  They offer multiple flights a week from Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, New York JKF, Los Angeles and Oakland, California flying to numerous destinations in Europe as well as connecting to Israel, Morocco, Thailand, Turkey and Dubai.  Use their “Low-fare Calendar” to find the best rates around your travel dates.  They’re biggest complaint is that they tend to get delayed quite frequently (my flight with them was actually delayed two hours, but I still arrived on time!)

Thomas Cook – This airline might be more well known to people in the British market.  They actually offer full vacation packages as well – mostly to places like Disney World or Las Vegas.  From the US, they fly to/from Orlando and Miami, Florida, New York’s JFK, and Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada.  They also fly to many Caribbean, European, and Turkish airports.  I booked a direct flight from Glasgow, Scotland to Orlando in September last year for 309£ or roughly $550 – again, including the meal and checked bag which you again had to pay separate (and again, it is cheaper to do so online).  Bonus – if you want to fly to/from Asia, South America, Canada, or South Africa – check out their Belgian sister site, for more destinations!  Plus, the rates are in Euros, which at the time of this article gives better exchange to the USD than the Pound Sterling.  I recommend this airline if you are looking for cheaper direct flights. (Note:  Neither of these sites lets you pay in $USD, so you will likely be charged a foreign transaction fee by your bank if they do not allow for such things).

Condor – If you live in a less major city in the US (i.e. not New York, Miami, or Los Angeles), check out Condor Airlines, a German airline that is actually affiliated with Thomas Cook.  They fly to Thailand, Africa, and South America as well, but they have more US destinations than our previous two.  That being said, they also go up a bit in price – a ticket to London from Fort Lauderdale is still about $550 each way.  However, they make it easier to get from Europe to farther out places like Honolulu or Anchorage, Alaska.  If you live nearer some of these farther cities, perhaps it’s easier to see where the cheapest flights are to around your travel dates and plan your vacation from there!  Condor charters flights from other airlines, allowing them to give you more variety of destinations still at a low cost, however these flights will be operated by other carriers quite frequently, you can see which airlines operate your flight when you select an itinerary.


The above airlines all operate on an “a la carte” budget system – one where you pay extra for everything (isn’t that all airlines anymore though?!?).  To compete with them, a few of the more traditional airlines have lowered their transatlantic fares.

Aer Lingus – Many people don’t think to fly this Irish airline if they are not going to Ireland.  But chances are you can get really good deals to Europe, and especially the UK, simply by flying through Dublin.  One-way from Orlando to London starts at just over $300USD depending on your travel dates, and you can find return tickets for $800-900USD. You also get one free checked bag on trans-Atlantic flights (or three in Business class) – which can make their low-fares even more appealing.  Bonus – you might get a long layover in Dublin!  Guinness anyone?

Iceland Air – This airline is becoming more well-known nowadays, thanks to its clever marketing and getting its country to modify laws allowing people to spend a layover “holiday” in the country.  You can book a flight between North America and Europe with a layover in Reykjavik of just a few hours to multiple days at no extra cost!  It’s like two vacations in one!  Be careful though, you get two checked bags on trans-Atlantic flights, but within Europe you only get one, so if your layover is long, you might get slapped with an extra baggage fee.


I started this article when my friend said it was too expensive to go to London.  So I base all of my research on flights between Florida and London.  However, I also just had the pleasure of trying to find myself an affordable flight from Florida to Hong Kong.  And if you thought flying to Europe was expensive….!   Fortunately, I found a few airlines that make it affordable.

Air Canada – Believe it or not, they actually offer fantastic rates to Asia and often with very few connections.  Many of the Canadian hubs (Toronto and Vancouver) have large Asian populations, so it makes sense that they would want to fly home occasionally.  Take advantage of this!  Flights from Ft. Lauderdale to Hong Kong for under $1000USD round-trip/return!

As I mentioned above as well, budget airlines like Norwegian and Condor also fly to many destinations in Thailand – where you can find a beach holiday for dirt cheap.  They offer very few flights from the US though.  Norwegian has almost daily flights between New York JFK and Bangkok in the winter.

Many of the Asian airlines offer really cheap flights in Asia (I bet you can get a Malaysian flight for next to nothing!).  The only problem is, most of them don’t fly but from Los Angeles and San Francisco, if they fly to the US at all.  So what they have done is partnered with domestic budget airlines such as jetBlue and Virgin America to get you a cheap flight to these hubs.

EVA Air – This Taiwanese airline is part of the Star Alliance network (headed by United in the US).  They are apparently trying to take over the budget trans-Pacific market.  I booked a ticket from Ft. Lauderdale to Hong Kong for $675USD.  But, as I mentioned above, I fly jetBlue to Los Angeles first. Their flights all fly through Taipei, so you will likely have a few connections depending on your destination.   I have not yet made this flight, so I will have to update you how the service is, but it seems to have gotten good reviews.  Bonus – if you are travelling with children (or anyone who acts like one!) they have an entire Hello Kitty plane!

China Southern – This Chinese airline flies all over Asia, but again, you probably have to take a budget flight to a hub city in the US first.  The bonus?  China now allows for a 72-hour “transit holiday” without needing a visa!  You can enter a city for up to 72-hours with proof of a departing flight from the same city.  For more on that, visit the the Chinese Embassy’s website.  Another airline with “bonus” mini-vacations!


I hope this has given you an idea as to the alternatives out there for your flight needs!  Look out for my next post full of tips and tricks I’ve collected on finding the best air fares in general!


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