Month: July 2016

TRAVEL TIPS #2: Pack a Travel Mug

It sounds silly, but how many of you paid $3 for a water/soda bottle only to have to throw half of it away when going through airport security and buy another one 10 minutes later on the other side?  What about going to a theme park and having to buy  3 water bottles in a day because it’s 100 degrees outside? Or tired of paying $5 a pop at the nearest coffee shop when you want a coffee/tea?

My solution?  I always travel with a travel mug.  This way I can use it for water from a drinking fountain in the airport, tea bags I carry with me and a little hot water, or coffee from the cafeteria at work.

My mug is just a plastic, reusable travel cup, super light and simple – screw off the top, fill, screw the top back on, enjoy.  If you plan to carry your cup inside a bag, insure that it has some kind of sealable lid and even then I recommend keeping it in an outside water bottle pocket if possible.

I bought mine in Peru, but I use something similar to this one on Amazon.

Set of 6 Large Sized BPA-Free Double-Wall Travel To-go Mugs with Comfort Grip by Luzy's Storage Place
Large Sized BPA-Free Double-Wall Travel To-go Mugs
by Luzy’s Storage Place

If you are a big coffee and/or tea lover like me, however, you might also be interested in something like the one below from Bodum, which has a built in French press.  Don’t underestimate the power of fillable tea bags/filters and cafe mocha sachets either though!

Bodum Insulated Plastic Travel Mug by Bodum

Bodum Insulated Plastic Travel Mug
by Bodum