Finding Frugal Flight Fares (Part II!)

A few years ago I wrote one of my first proper advice posts - this post on tips for finding cheap airfare. As oil prices begin to soar again for the first time in a few years, so will airfare.  So, here are a few new tips that recently popped up in my various newsfeeds...... Continue Reading →


Learn to Love Layovers

Many people stress over trying to find a direct flight (and the cost of some of those direct flights).  I'm going to tell you why you shouldn't.  Embrace layovers. As you may be aware from my previous post on finding bargain airfare, most of my flying had previously been booked by my company - who... Continue Reading →

Finding Frugal Flight Fares

My company pays for my flights when I travel for work, so it wasn't until I started travelling in between my contracts that I realized how expensive those flights can be, especially when you have to be there on a specific day.  So I started shopping around for the cheapest flights I could find, and... Continue Reading →

International Budget Air Travel

The other night, my friend told me that she wanted to take her husband to Paris or London, but that it was just too expensive to fly there.  She is not alone in thinking this. Many Americans think that travelling to Europe is too expensive.  Even though many European countries offer accommodation for cheap, the flight... Continue Reading →

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