Short on Time?

If you are someone who, like me, gets to visit a lot of really cool places for a really short amount of time (cruising, layovers, business trips, etc.), then you probably have already mastered the art of "seeing" a city in less than a day.  For the rest of you, check out these resources for visiting... Continue Reading →


Candy’s Mediterranean Cruise Cheat Sheet (Part III)

Alright, here is the third and final installment of Candy's Mediterranean Cruise Cheat Sheet (seriously, why did I pick such a long title?!)  This section will focus on some quick tips for the Italian ports, as well as a few others. Remember, this guide is geared specifically towards people visiting these places by cruise ship... Continue Reading →

Things To Do: Waterparks

Growing up in Florida, I had never been to a water park (why pay when the beach is free?!) When I was 22 I got a part-time job in a theme park, which gave me free entrance to the adjoining water park. Since then I’ve been hooked! My job on a cruise ship has brought... Continue Reading →

Experimental Travel

Have you ever heard of experimental travel?  It's essentially a collection of ways to travel based on method over destination - many don't even require you to leave your hometown!  A few years ago, Travel gurus Lonely Planet published a book on the subject.  It is now out of print, but remains a hot topic... Continue Reading →

Off the Beaten Path: Museums

Chances are, if you've traveled a bit, you've visited your fair share of museums. Art Museums, Natural History Museums, Wax Museums, or my personal favorite, Science Museums. Is it just me, or do the all start to look the same? The same dinosaur skeleton in the lobby, the same mummy in the basement, the same... Continue Reading →

Things to Do: Southeast Alaska & B.C.

Many of my friends and family seem to be discovering the Great Frontier that is Alaska this summer. Having spent two whole seasons and two partial seasons cruising in Southeast Alaska, they of course are coming to me with questions. So, I decided to save myself the trouble and write one definitive guide to Southeast... Continue Reading →

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