Candy’s Mediterranean Cruise Cheat Sheet (Part II – Barcelona)

I started this post series to answers my Aunt Candy's questions about her upcoming Mediterranean cruise.  You can read the first post here.  If you are taking a Mediterranean cruise, chances are it will either start or end (or both!) in Barcelona, Spain.  While Barcelona has suffered some unrest in recent months, it is still... Continue Reading →


The Wheels on the Bus…

It used to be that you could backpack across Europe by train. Then the likes of RyanAir and Easyjet came about and it became almost as cheap to fly across Europe (if you travel light). Now the most budget friendly way to travel across Europe is by coach (bus). Check out the German owned Flixbus,... Continue Reading →

International Budget Air Travel

The other night, my friend told me that she wanted to take her husband to Paris or London, but that it was just too expensive to fly there.  She is not alone in thinking this. Many Americans think that travelling to Europe is too expensive.  Even though many European countries offer accommodation for cheap, the flight... Continue Reading →

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