Vegging Around the World

I'm not a vegetarian or a vegan, but sometimes I appreciate a good veggie meal just as much as any vegetarian. (And in some places it may be wiser to stick with veggies which don't necessarily need to be kept refrigerated.) Here's a collection of some of the best veggie restaurants I've been to around... Continue Reading →


Candy’s Mediterranean Cruise Cheat Sheet (Part II – Barcelona)

I started this post series to answers my Aunt Candy's questions about her upcoming Mediterranean cruise.  You can read the first post here.  If you are taking a Mediterranean cruise, chances are it will either start or end (or both!) in Barcelona, Spain.  While Barcelona has suffered some unrest in recent months, it is still... Continue Reading →

The Shape of International Cuisine

Chefs will always tell you, "Presentation is everything."  Well I've noticed that in a few types of international cuisine, it really is!   In Argentina the popular snack food empanadas are shaped based on their fillings.  A traditional meat, or "carne", empanada will look like a half circle with a frilly edge, but a cheese... Continue Reading →

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