Travel Checklists

I’m obsessed with lists, so I’ve compiled here a few you can download to plan or track your travels.  They’re nothing fancy, but they should get you started.

Countries Checklist (by Region – as determined by the Traveler’s Century Club)
I consider this to be the best list of places around – it’s divided by slightly more than country, but not so much as to list every state of every country!

Places I’ve Been – My checked off list if you want to compare!

World Wonders – Need inspiration?  Start here!

For the more tech travelers out there, check out these two apps you can easily check off where you’ve been:

been – simple, basic, and orange. (Apple     Android     Facebook)

Countries Been – a bit more detailed (they give you the option of including states/provinces for larger countries and also the ability to mark where you’d like to go and where you have lived – the ultimate digital pin map).  (Android)

There are many other sites and apps out there, these are just two of my favorites!

And for the old-fashioned map lovers like myself, check out these cool wall maps you can scratch off…

Original Black Version

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