Swing/Lindy/Disco, line dancing, and hakken all in one party?! A party until 4am?! Belgians may be my people! And I can almost speak both their languages…


Has anyone else had that moment where you get in the shower after a long day and realize that…. your face wash is from Curaçao, your body wash from Germany, your scrub from Korea, and the boots and sweater you just took off you got in Chile, the soaked through raincoat was from Scotland, and your earrings you just took out are from American Samoa.  And I don’t mean imported, you actually bought them there. Anyone else? Just me? #worldnomad #cantstoptravelling #souvenirideas #showerepiphanies


I had the realisation the other day, that this year I am kind of living my ABC Travel idea.  I spent the first half of the year sailing from Argentina through Antarctica and eventually on to Alaska (A’s). I started my holidays by visiting family in Tennessee and Texas (the T’s). I will finish my holidays by travelling to the Netherlands and Nepal (N’s). Ok, so maybe I’m living the ATNs, ha! In any case, just goes to show that it can be done!